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          Academic Development Center

          Academic Development Center Mission

          Woodberry's Academic Development Center (ADC) offers boys a wide range of academic support and assistance, with a particular focus on helping boys develop stronger executive function skills and manage academic accommodations. Some boys will work with the ADC staff throughout their time at Woodberry, while others might make a few visits as they adjust to academic life here. The ADC, working with the academic dean, helps oversee academic accommodations for students who qualify for them.  

          The ADC team operates with these goals in mind:  
          • Create a welcoming environment for boys to walk in at any time for help.
          • Support individual needs; each boy needs something distinct.
          • Develop boys into independent thinkers who understand themselves as learners.
          • Advocate for boys while they develop self-advocacy.
          • Become an integral part of their lives — not just when they are working in the ADC but on dorm, in the class, on the stage, and on the athletic fields.
          • Serve as “head coach” for the boys’ academic lives.

          Broad Academic Support

          Every boy at Woodberry Forest receives academic support from his teachers and advisor. Because the boarding school model allows teachers to have a smaller student load, faculty have plenty of time for one-on-one academic assistance. The Academic Development Center is a resource for boys who need broader academic support that goes beyond assistance in a single subject. Members of the ADC help students organize their work and develop new study skills. They can also assist with standardized test preparation.

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