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          Whether an actor, writer, director, technician, or designer, you will cultivate your passion at Woodberry. We make a strong commitment to the performing arts because it gives you abilities that benefit your entire life.
          In Woodberry's Drama Department you will learn to appreciate language and storytelling; you will learn to communicate in front of large groups; you will learn to work as a member of a team and complete large artistic projects; and you will learn to value aesthetic experiences and to understand yourself and your world in a more sophisticated way.

          In addition to the two plays and one musical on the mainstage each year, the Bomb Shelter Experimental Theater, otherwise known as the Black Box, holds at least two smaller productions each year. This small theater is the perfect setting for one-act plays or plays written and directed by students. You will have opportunities to participate in a production that you and other students manage, with some assistance from a faculty member.

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