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          Play an instrument?

          Want to learn how? 


          Woodberry offers a wide variety of instrumental music groups, including the Concert Band, Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Chamber Music, and Pipe Band. Ensembles meet daily and include weekly private lessons or sectional rehearsals to prepare for many performances on and off campus throughout the school year. At Woodberry you’re given the chance to showcase your musical talents to the community.


          Chapel Choir

          The Chapel Choir provides music for Woodberry’s weekly chapel services. As a choir member, you will learn solid vocal technique and performance practice in a variety of styles, ranging from Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony to English cathedral music and some contemporary and world music. There is a big emphasis on choral diction in several languages and on music reading in both Gregorian and modern notation.

          Choral Ensemble

          The Dozen, Woodberry’s premier choral ensemble and one of its treasured traditions, specializes in acapella music from all periods of music history, especially the renaissance and modern popular music. The Dozen strives for choral excellence by emphasizing vocal technique, sight singing, performance practice, and music theory. As a member of The Dozen, you will be involved in creating original arrangements to be sung by the group.
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