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          Campus Life

          A Community Created Just for Boys

          Explore what makes Woodberry, one of the leading American boarding schools, unique. Campus life at Woodberry allows boys to develop a strong sense of community outside the classroom because every student and 95 percent of the faculty live on campus.

          The boarding school curriculum at Woodberry is designed to help boys develop independence and self-reliance. As they grow older, they're trusted to manage their own time. So you might find them doing research in the library or competing on the athletics fields. But in the same day you might also find them participating in a club, playing ultimate frisbee on the Lawn, or participating in the Outdoor Education program.

          Maybe they're having a milkshake in the Fir Tree snack bar, or maybe they're building a fort by the Rapidan River. At Woodberry Forest, an all-boys, independent boarding school, you can choose from a wide variety of activities right here on campus, and you'll have many good friends joining you. Woodberry Forest was created by boys for boys.

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