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          Campus Life

          Honor System

          Honor System

          The heart of the Woodberry experience is the honor system. Since 1899 Woodberry boys have been pledging to not lie, cheat, or steal. These pledges create a system of brotherhood and safety  if a boy leaves a bicycle, laptop, or wallet somewhere on campus, it will be there when he returns but the honor system is about far more than protecting possessions. The real goal of the honor system is to create a community based on trust, one where a boy is taken at his word. It allows students to be trusted completely by teachers and classmates and lets the whole school build a community of fairness to further strengthen our boarding school life. The honor system assures that Woodberry values character development as much as academic rigor.

          We holds this high standard of behavior to encourage the transformation of boys into Woodberry men.

          Read the Orange Book for the Honor System unabridged.

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