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          Make a Gift

          Stock Gifts

          DTC stock to:
          Davenport & Company
          P.O.Box 85678
          Richmond, VA 23285-5678
          800.846.6666 phone
          804.549.4256 fax

          Contact Person: Marie Barte
          Financial Advisor: Henry Valentine
          Account # 87653434
          DTC #715

          Payment by Check

          If you prefer this method, please mail
          your check to the following address:

          Woodberry Forest School
          402 Woodberry Station
          Woodberry Forest, VA 22989

          Have Questions?

          Please call  Shawna Lukkes in the Development Office at 540.672.6030 or toll free at 888.937.7546 with questions. She can also be reached by email: shawna_lukkes@woodberry.org 

          Make a Gift

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